Hiking in Romanian Carpathians. Mehedinti Mountains. From Baile Herculane to The Big Domogled Peak

Part 1

Baile Herculane – [Castanilor street – Piata 1 Mai street – Domogled spring water – Domogled street – road (to the left)] – intersection with 67D road (to the right) – after about 350 m, entrace to the hiking trail
Trail sign: no
Duration: 15 minutes

DN 67 roadWhite CrossSerban’s Cave – Cat’s Path – The Small Domogled Peak The Big Domogled Peak
Trail sign: vertical yellow line
Duration: 3½ – 4 hours

Part 2

The Big Domogled Peak Feregari ValleyFeregari / Prolazului GorgePeciniscaroad 67D
Trail sign: vertical yellow line
Duration: 2½ – 3 hours

Road 67D – [Fabrica de Var street (near soccer stadium) – Trandafirilor street] – Baile Herculane
Trail sign: no
Duration: 30 minutes

Total duration: 7 – 8 hours

Accommodation in cabins or tent in Baile Herculane:
– Phone: 0040 751.803.794
– GPS: 44°52’52.90″N 22°24’46.99″E
! There are other campsites in Baile Herculane, but this is the most quiet. The two campsites near the „7 Izvoare” swimming pool are very crowded and noisy.

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