Accommodation and prices at Poiana Secuilor Chalet

Accommodation prices at Poiana Secuilor Chalet:
– offer for students = 35 lei / person / night
– single room with bathroom on the hallway = 50 lei / night
– 2 double rooms with bathroom on the hallway = 90 lei / room / night 

– 3 triple rooms with bathroom on the hallway  = 120 lei / room / night
– one triple room with own bathroom = 140 lei / room / night
– 2 apartments with 5 seats with own bathroom = 200 lei / apartment / night
– one room with 9 seats with bathroom on the hallway = 225 lei / room / night

Cost for the rental of the entire chalet (11 rooms): 1.495 lei / night. When one group is renting the entire chalet they offer a 10% discount.
Capacity: 40 seats

– 10% discount for groups of minimum 10 persons
– 10% discount for minimum stays of 3 nights
– free for children up to 4 years in bed with one adult
– 10% discount for children between ages 4 years – 14 years
– free campfire on request for groups of minimum 10 persons
– pot beef goulash outdoor, surcharge
– pork and lamb on a spit for groups, surcharge
– breakfast at the price of 5 lei per person for tourists staying at the chalet
– access to barbeque and refrigerator for those that come with personal food


Fried eggs: (2 pieces): 5 lei
Simple omelette: (2 pieces): 5 lei
Omelette with ham, cheese, mushrooms (20 / 20 / 20g): 10 lei
Chicken sausages (2 pieces): 5 lei

Cold appetizer (two tipes of traditional cheese 40g, smoked ham 20g, bacon 20g, onion 20g, tomato 20g, cucumber 20g, bell pepper 20g): 15 lei

Beef soup (and pepper) 300 / 50g: 9 lei
Tripe soup (and pepper) 300 / 50g: 10 lei
Chicken soup 300 / 50g: 8 lei

Hot dishes
Beef Goulash “Secuiesc” (400g): 20 lei
Chicken livers with onion (150 / 50g): 15 lei
Chicken breast with white sauce and mushrooms (200 / 100g): 20 lei
Pork chop with white sauce and mushrooms (150 / 100g): 20 lei
Trout fried in breadcrumbs (100g):10 lei
Polenta with cheese and cream (100 / 50 / 50g):15 lei

Grilled dishes
Pork chop (150g): 16 lei
Pork tenderloin (150g): 16 lei
Pork neck (150g): 16 lei
Sheep pastrami (150g): 20 lei
Chicken breast (200g): 15 lei
Chicken legs with bone (100g): 6 lei
Chicken wings (100g): 8 lei
Trout in foil (100g): 10 lei
Smoked sausage (100 g): 9 lei
Spicy sausage (100g): 7 lei
Traditional dish, pork and beef minced meat (1 piece): 3 lei

Boiled potatoes (200g): 6 lei
Mashed potatoes (200g): 6 lei
Traditional peasant potatoes (200g): 7 lei
French fries (200g): 6 lei
Sautéed vegetables (200g): 7 lei
Polenta (200g): 5 lei
Cream (40g): 2 lei
Garlic sauce (40g): 2 lei
One slice of bread (0,50g): 0,50 lei

Pickles salad (200g): 5 lei
Season salad (200g): 5 lei
Cabbage salad (200g): 5 lei

Crepe with jam or chocolate (200g): 7 lei
Apple or cheese pie (200g): 7 lei
House cake (200g): 7 lei

Soft drinks
Cola, Fanta, Sprite (500ml): 5 lei
Cappy nectar (330ml): 5 lei
Cappy Tempo (500ml): 5 lei
Nestea (500ml): 6 lei
Burn (250ml): 6 lei
Water with /without gas (500ml): 3 lei
Water with /without gas (2l): 5 lei

Carlsberg (500ml): 8 lei
Tuborg (500ml): 7 lei
Skol (500ml): 6 lei
Holsten (500ml): 7 lei
Holsten no alcohol (500ml): 7 lei
Tuborg draft (400ml): 6 lei
Skol draft (400ml): 5 lei
Holsten draft light (400ml): 7 lei

Hot drinks
Coffee (100ml): 3 lei
Hot chocolate (100ml): 3 lei
Lipton tea (250ml): 3 lei

Last update: 04.03.2014

Elevation: 1.070 m
Location: Postavaru Mountains
GPS: N 45°31’38.2794″ E 25°32’57.8394″
Lighting: electricity
Heating: radiator
Sources of water: spring water
Poiana Secuilor Chalet phone: 0040 727 692 763
Official Blog:
Other: the cottage is open all year

Description of the chalet
Reaching the 3 Brazi Chalet plateau, go right on the road to Poiana Secuilor. After 5 minutes drive / 15 minutes walk, you arrive in a wonderful place, surrounded by forest and mountains. There’s Poiana Secuilor Chalet, a cottage authentic and rustic.
It’s the only place in Romania with view to 4 different mountains.
It has a rustic terrace and restaurant, parking, ATV rental and a great view of the surroundings.
It represents a strategic point to start hiking to the Cotul Donului, the Cheile Rasnoavei and the 3 Brazi Chalet.

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